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Motorcyclist Rights Rally
This is the annual rally to stop Noise ordinances and other issues important to motorcyclist.

Operation Save-A- Life

Is a motorcycle awareness program intended for school and civic groups.  The goal is to teach automobile drivers to be alert for motorcyle opertors on hte highways with the aim of helping everyone to "share the road" safely.

Motorcycles are Everywhere

The "Look Twice - SAVE A LIFE" Lawn Sign Campaign has generated substantial awareness of, and interest in (as reflected in radio, TV and newspaper coverage), the visibility and right-of-way issues facing motorcyclists.  Our "Look Twice - Save A Life" message is having an impact in improving motorcycle awareness and safety among the general motoring public and motorcyclists throughout Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month

The month of May has been designated Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month for two decades. As temperatures warm, and the presence of motorcycles increases, motorists and motorcyclists must unite in the safe sharing of roads throughout Pennsylvania.

"It’s a reminder to motorists to be aware of motorcyclists", according to Charles Umbenhauer of ABATE. "It’s also a reminder to motorcyclists to keep their equipment in shape, ride safely, and take advantage of the training offered by Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Safety Program."



Ride to Gettysburg</span>

Funds are donated to the Pennsylvania Monuments Endowment fund and the Historic Daniel Lady Farm.


Let's Roll

Memorial Ride to Shanksville, PA to honor the Hereos of Flight 93.  Funds raised will be used for the construction of a permanent memorial at the site.  The permanent memorial will be dedicated in 2011 on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.


Leadership &Legislative Seminar
"With Freedom comes Responsibility!"


State Pool Tournament

Each district can send members to praticipate in the annual tournament


A Real Old-Time Biker Party. This is the Annual A.B.A.T.E. of PA state party.


 Chapter Events
This is any even that is sponsored by the local chapters.


Other Items that We Do...

Represent motorcyclists throughout PA, Protect Against Road & Land Closures, Introduce Motorcycle related Legislation, Conduct Fund Raisers to benefit our community, Promote Motorcycle Safety Training Classes, Educate the Public about Motorcycle Awareness, Defend against Harassment & Discrimination, Preserve Motorcycling As Transportation & Recreation.